Casino/Launch Night

We had our launch night on the 2nd November. We decided to do a casino theme night. Guests arrived at Greaves Park in Lancaster between 7 – 7:30pm and were greeted by two photographers from, guests were then called into the room to watch the amazing Phil Fryer We had a gorgeous three course meal and Phil then did and other singing set. WE drew a raffle and had a mini auction as we had two prints donated (one from Pure Evil and one from Banksy), a signed Blackburn Rovers shirt and a signed Messi shirt). After this the casino tables were opened and the DJ’s started. while ALL this was going on we had clothes from for sale and some of the profits were donated to our charity.

It was a truly amazing evening, we had a lot of fun and raised £1400.00

Thank you so much to everyone involved and helping us make the night a success. A special thanks to the Hotties who came, Keira (June), Mel (April) Rhian (May), Emma (October) Kate (Feb), oh and me :)

Pictures to follow.


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