Hotties go HOTTER with their own HOTTIES HOT SAUCE!!!

We have some exciting news …. The Hampshire Chutney Company have made us our very own hot sauce to sell. All proceeds from the first 50 bottles go to Help 4 Heroes. You can buy one of the bottles for £4.95 plus £2.50 P&P. The bottles are 500g and so you are also getting a bargain as well as helping our heroes…win win!!!

This is a very kind and unique idea from The Hampshire Chutney Company. I have been informed that it is tasty like the hotties ;) Bottles will be with us this week and ready to send out to you lovely lot that want a bit of hottie spice in your life!

You can follow The Hampshire Chutney Company on twitter at @HantsChutney and maybe tweet your friends about the great thing they are doing for H4H.

For more info or if you would like to buy a jar please email

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One Response to “Hotties go HOTTER with their own HOTTIES HOT SAUCE!!!”

  1. Miss April June 20, 2012 at 8:32 am #

    Just when they thought it was not possible for the Hotties to get any hotter!!! :oD